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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Our readers write

Gabriel Byrne as Lord Byron in Ken Russell's Gothic (1986)

Welcome to 'Our readers write', where we throw out a question related to poetry and ask readers to jump up and catch it. Got a question you'd like answered? Drop it in the comments section for use in the near future.

Thinking about poets in film, there have been a number of good films about poets and bad films about poets, but has there been a great film about a poet? What poet films have stuck with you through the years?


  1. First off, I haven't seen Bright Star, but they did seem to forget that Keats was 5'0.

    But now I'm thinking of films I've seen with poets in...

    Il Postino is obviously wonderful - how may people now see Phillipe Noiret in their mind instead of Neruda? But it's a film with a poet in it as opposed to film about one.

    That's my vote for it. If I come across any others in my mind, I'll let you know. :)

  2. Deemi, you're alive!

    I struggled with this - are there really 'a number'? I suspect its a low one.

    Anyway, I enjoyed Andy Garcia in 'The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca'. Not great, but good.

  3. I recommend a film about a poem, -L'Amour par Terre- by Jacques Rivette, which, in its free-wheeling improvised two-and-a-half hour way is based on a sonnet by Verlaine. And stars Jane Birkin and Geraldine Chaplin. Worth a look.